The Grup DEDAL-LIT research group participates in this year's edition of Researchers Night with a workshop and through dissemination videos

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For this year's edition of Researchers' Night, researchers Maricel Oró and Katerina Valentova will offer the workshop "Let's think about age through the works of Julian Barnes and Carlos Giménez", as an example of Grup Dedal-lit's work in the field of literary gerontology. Moreover, the dissemination videos resulting from the project ECAVINAR (Grup Dedal-Lit's most recent project, in coordination with Grup GESEC) will be made available through the webpage of this European event at By clicking on the link below the poster, viewers will have access to the results of the main strands of this project, devoted to the intersections between ageing, creativity and quality of life. All the videos have subtitles in English.