Theatre Workshops in English: Meet Us at the Irish Pub

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Image taken by Anton Not

Last Wednesday, this year's edition of Theatre Workshops in English had the première of its show Meet Us at the Irish Pub, a collage of famous scenes from Irish drama, in the matinée for secondary-school students that has the support of the Faculty of Arts and the Institute of Education Sciences. This year's student-spectators, from Maristes de Montserrat Secondary School, were delighted by the show produced by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The actors, all of them students of English Studies and Erasmus/Mobility students of the UdL, together with the play's director, Núria Casado, gave a talkback at the end of the show, where they answered questions related to the creative process and the dynamics of the workshop as part of the theatre course of the degree. Meet Us at the Irish Pub will have its final performances at the studio of the Rectorat building on Thursday 8th of June at 6.30pm and 9pm for members of the university community.