Theater workshop in English


27 March 2020

First piece of the virtual theatre workshop

Tribute to the World Theatre Day

First theatrical piece of the virtualized workshop of the students of theatre from the degree English Studies. It consists on an experiment in which the students of the workshop had to suddenly get involved with due to the declaration of state of alter. Such sudden turn of events forced the students to leave aside the work done up until that point and start anew according to the limitations that the new situation imposed. However, this small piece wants to honour the World Theatre Day in such peculiar circumstances.

Prescriptive Humour

19 April 2020

Second piece of the virtual theatre workshop

In this second piece, there is a sudden shift of register, opting to experiment with a theatrical element present, in a higher or lower dose, in all the other registers: humour. Therefore, even though (and at the same time thanks to) the current situation, this theatrical piece invites the audience to submerge into a small comical experiment titled: Prescriptive Humour.

 12 May 2020

Third piece of the virtual theatre workshop

After some flirting with Shakespeare and the genre of comedy in the previous theatrical pieces, this short play explores the political theatres using more political and compromised topics.

Under a Shakespearean and Orwellian umbrella title, Brave Sick World includes four independent pieces. The first one adopts the tone and format of a “Kabaret” ( a political cabaret) by giving dramatic sense to the theatrical exercise of imitating animal forms. The second piece explores the dystopian narrative through a dramatic and naturalist register. Finally, the third and fourth pieces are a synthesis of artistic expressions experimented by the participants of the workshop through different ways and resources inside the piece’s theme.

Two Minutes of Glory

16 June 2020

Fourth piece of the virtual theatre workshop

This is the fourth and last piece of the virtualized theatre workshop. Without escaping from the historical circumstances, this last piece adopts a more joyful and festive tone after its previous chapter with the intention of closing the semester with a sense of hope while offering the students the chance of having an especial graduation ceremony through the short play titled: Two Minutes of Glory.

Theatrical exhibition of performing arts 2019

Representation of the play Life is for the Living in the Teatre Municipal de l’Escorxador

13 October 2019